Why Choose JWT Wholesale?

When you choose to partner with JWT Wholesale, we don’t just sell you products and leave. We bring almost a century’s worth of experience, expertise, and knowledge to help you grow your business and develop as times change.

JWT Wholesale stands behind our motto – We Deliver. We deliver tires, wheels, equipment, service, along with the knowledge and trust you need in your business.

Racks of tires, with a picker high up on a forklift

Within the tire and automotive wholesale industry, we have become known for our reputation of providing accurate deliveries – on time, excellent product selection, and a unique focus on you, the customer. Our massive inventory gives you a substantial selection of the most popular tire brands and sizes.

With 11 strategically located warehouses, our delivery trucks are ready at a moment’s notice to bring you the correct products, so you can stay focused on your own customers. JWT Wholesale services Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Delaware (DE), and Maryland (MD). We combine the largest multi-brand inventory on the east coast with our unique route delivery software and service, to provide you with the customer service you expect.

Working on vehicle lifts

We also offer warranty adjustment professionals, an account service team for special orders, and an Equipment Specialists line of business to offer you a wide range of automotive machinery and service. JWT Equipment Specialists carries vehicle lifts, waste oil heaters, tire changing machines, balances, and more. What does this mean for you? You now only need to work with one partner where you can source your tires & wheels from, while also relying on us for new shop equipment and service. It’s just another way We Deliver and partner with your business.

JWT Wholesale has over 5,000 customers that rely on us daily to deliver tires, wheels, equipment, and services to their doors. We know our customers never back down from a challenge, and we never do either. Our team will be standing behind you to meet all of the demands your business encounters.